Traffic Cases

Dealing with the administrative and financial requirements following a traffic incident can be a very frustrating experience. Depending on the nature of your traffic violation, points are added to your record which can increase your insurance rates. Some fines can be steep and you could be in jeopardy of losing your driver's license.

There are other, more serious offenses that you can also be charged with concerning a traffic incident. You could be charged with a DUI, driving on a suspended license or vehicular manslaughter. These offenses could result in severe fines and being sentenced to jail. No matter the severity of the offense, a Solano County criminal attorney will be able to go over the traffic case in detail with you and develop a strong and effective strategy for your defense.

Failing to take care of a traffic violation correctly could adversely affect your future. Many people take the privilege of driving for granted until they are threatened with having their license suspended or revoked. Driving has become a necessity in our daily lives so it becomes very importance to defend against unjust tickets and penalties. At the Law Office of Laura M. Petty, we have successfully defended others against infractions and criminal charges concerning traffic cases.

We provide tough representation regardless of the charge. Traffic laws are complex and being charged with a serious offense can be frightening if you do not have someone on your side willing to fight for you.

We are proud to serve the Solano County communities of Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield, Vacaville, Vallejo, Suisun City, Woodland, Contra Costa and Rio Vista. Contact a traffic ticket lawyer in Vacaville if you have received an unjust traffic ticket or face more serious traffic offenses.