Suspended License

Though Californians value their driving privileges for good reason, depending on them to get back and forth to work and to carry out the daily activities of our lives, there are many reasons a driver's license can be suspended. Unfortunately, many people ignore the fact that their license has been suspended or revoked. While some feel that driving without a license is not a serious matter, the police and our judicial system disagree.

If you are arrested for driving with a suspended license, the penalties can be harsh. You may have to have an ignition interlock device placed on any vehicle that you own or operate or your car may be impounded. Thousands of dollars in fines can be ordered as well as up to a year in the county jail. At the Law Office of Laura M. Petty, we have over 20 years of experience in aggressively protecting the rights of those accused of criminal offenses. Retain the services and expertise of our criminal defense lawyers if you are charged with driving on a suspended license.

Common reasons for driver's license suspension range from DUI arrests to vehicular manslaughter. If you get 4 points in one year, 6 in two years or 8 points in three years, your license will be suspended. Driving privileges can also be suspended for reasons having nothing to do with driving. Failure to pay child support, a drug crime such as possession of marijuana as a minor or failure to pay child support can all trigger a loss of your driving privileges.

No matter the reason, you are going to want to have the best defense possible on your behalf. At times, the DMV fails to notify someone that their license has been suspended. There have been instances of the DMV stating they have sent the notice but it never arrived. Being unable to drive, serving time in jail and other penalties can adversely affect your life as you currently live it. We stand ready to assist you to fight for a positive result in your case.

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